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Computer Processor

Gigahurtz focuses on providing comprehensive computer repair services without all the "geek speak". Our convenient Boerne, Texas location is staffed with Certified Computer Service Technicians. We repair all makes and models of desktop computers and laptop computers, PCs and Apple/Mac. We also build and maintain Networks of all types, including mixed PC and Mac networks.

Count on Gigahurtz to get your computer running like its old self with our award-winning comprehensive computer repair service that includes:

    * Spyware & Adware Removal
    * Virus & Worm Removal
    * Identity-Stealing Trojan Removal
    * Registry Cleanup for Faster Boot-up Times
    * De-Fragmentation of Your Hard Drive for Quicker access
    * Clear Out Excess Temporary Files from Internet Surfing
    * Clean Out Dust and Grime Buildup
    * Test All Hardware Devices (CD-ROM, Sound, etc.)
    * Update Windows with the latest Security patches
    * Update and Upgrade  Software and Hardware
    * Set Up New Computer
    * Custom Built PC's and Servers

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff offers you a personalized computer repair experience that you won't find anywhere else and if you can't come to us, we will come to you.

Contact us today for questions or to get started!

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